DETOX programme

If we really want to remove the accumulated toxins and negative feelings in our body, simply changing our alimentary practices or following special diets is not enough. We have to understand and adapt our entire lifestyle. The Atlantida Boutique Hotel and Donat Mg help you restore your vital energy and cleanse your body, giving you health and youthful vitality.

Do you suffer from allergies and frequent headaches? Are you under stress every day? Do you feel tired for no reason? Do your arms and legs feel heavy? Do you have problems with your liver or gallbladder? Do you suffer from poor digestion? And what about your immune system? Has it weakened?  If you are answering yes to any of these questions, try our DETOX programme, which is aimed at all those who cannot find the time to eat correctly or listen to their body in their hectic and stressful day-to-day life.

About the programme:

Part of the programme takes place at the Rogaška Medical Centre. The guests stay at the Atlantida Boutique Hotel. The programme is comprehensive and tailored to the needs of the individual, delivering impressive results. During your stay of 7 or 14 days, you will be accompanied by a wellness coach who will organise your activities (DETOX treatments, brisk walks, swimming, fitness, etc.) and monitor your diet. As part of the DETOX programme, you will get five wholesome meals a day, together with healthy drinks and herbal teas. You will also get a chance to learn about the principles of a correct diet and a healthy lifestyle.

DETOX programme (7 or 14 days)

TREATMENTS DETOX programme 7 days DETOX programme 14 days
DETOX menu and detoxifying tea between treatments X X
Liver clay wrap   2 X 6 X
Body peeling with detoxifying algae wrap 1 X 2 X
LIPO-DETOX massage with reflex foot massage 1 X
Salt therapy 2 X 6 X
Massage with aromatherapy and heated blanket 2 X
Lymphatic drainage (30 min) 1 X 4 X
Massage with detoxifying oil 1 X
Massage with magnesium body butter 1 X
Relaxing Full Body Massage 1 X
Lymphatic drainage (25 min) 1 X
HUR treatment for body drainage and shaping (90 min) 1 X
Reflex foot massage 1 X
Food supplement to cleanse the liver X
Individual training – wellness coach (walks – fitness – swimming- sauna) X X
InBody body composition analysis at the end of the programme (Rogaška Medical Centre) X
Medical examination by a balneologist – InBody body composition analysis and ECG (Rogaška Medical Centre)  1 X 1 X
Free pass to the mineral water drinking hall in Rogaška Medical Centre (drinking Donat Mg therapeutic water three times a day) X X
Follow-up medical examination (Rogaška Medical Centre) X

The program is not suitable for heart and diabetic patients, pregnant women, children, patients on anticoagulant therapy or cancer patients. It is also not recommended for people in the acute phase of a bowel disease, people with a newly formed gastric or duodenal ulcer or people being treated for any kind of acute infection.


DETOX programme with accommodation at the Atlantida Boutique Hotel

Atlantida Boutique Hotel ***** is the only luxury hotel in the area with professional and personalised services for people looking to escape day-to-day stress and for those inspired by outstanding hotel architecture with the highest level of prestige and complete privacy.

Accommodation m2 15. 1. – 5. 3.
12. 11. – 24. 12.
5. 3. – 9. 4.
21. 5.- 30. 7.
27. 8.- 1. 10.
9.4. – 21.5. 
30. 7.–27. 8.
7 nights 14 nights  7 nights  14 nights  7 nights  14 nights
Deluxe Double Room 29 1.765 3.338 1.898 3.590 2.031 3.842
Exclusive Double Room 25 1.898 3.590 2.031 3.842 2.164 4.094
Comfort Suite 45-54 2.496 4.724 2.696 5.102 2.895 5.480
*Price is in EUR per person, VAT included. Prices valid until 28 December 2017.


Prices include:


SURCHARGES per person per day: secure parking lot (garage): € 10 per car; surcharges in pricelist 2017.

TOURIST FEE: adult – € 1,27 per day; children between 6. and 18. years – € 0,63 per day; disabled persons and children under the age of 6 are exempt from paying the tourist fee.


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