Rogaška Slatina

The town of Rogaška Slatina is well known for its tradition of health spas and healing mineral water. The first mention of the so called Main Spring in Rogaška Slatina dates far back to the year 1141, but the first reliable information about it is from 1680. Its uncontaminated natural mineral water, known under its commercial name Donat Mg, is especially rich in magnesium and sodium, and is proven to have favourable nutritional and physiological effects. Rogaška Medical Centre is just a few steps away from the Atlantida Boutique Hotel and offers several preventive and other health programmes: gastroenterology, cardiology, internal medicine, dermatology, urology, orthopaedics, physical and rehabilitation medicine, aesthetic plastic surgery, vascular surgery, nutrition, physiotherapy.




Sightseeing, Nature, Day Trips

Rogaška Slatina and its surroundings offer historical sights, as well as beautiful nature inviting the guests to explore several hiking, climbing and cycling paths. You can also visit numerous other Slovenian points of interest: the Pleterje monastery, the open-air museum in Rogatec, Olimje, Ptuj, Maribor, Bled, the Postojna Cave, Piran, etc. This quiet town is just over an hour’s drive from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana (and its airport), and a few hours’ drive from Vienna, Salzburg, Budapest, Trieste, Venice, Zagreb, Belgrade and other European cities, allowing for day trips.

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