DETOX Programme 

If we really want to remove the accumulated toxins and negative feelings in our body, simply changing our alimentary practices or following special diets is not enough. We have to understand and adapt our entire lifestyle. The Atlantida Boutique Hotel and Donat Mg help you restore your vital energy and cleanse your body, giving you health and youthful vitality.



REVIDERM Programme 

The Reviderm method combines several procedures which act simultaneously on a wide range of skin imperfections. A non-invasive and painless procedure, which is carried out at the Rogaška Derma Centre under the supervision of an expert dermatologist and visibly improves on skin. Reviderm programme at the Rogaška Derma Centre with accommodation at the Atlantida Boutique Hotel…..



Do you have difficulty sleeping or are you sufferingfrom insomnia? Would you like to know what is disturbing your sleep?
20–30% of adults are faced with this problem and we have helped many of them.


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