The hotel is situated in Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia. The hotel takes its name after the mythological island Atlantis, mostly known for its supposed advanced prehistoric civilizations. Yet, it is no myth that Earth’s water is the origin of all living beings and that minerals are a source of energy for all life forms. In this light, the modern and luxurious hotel Atlantida can be seen as a myth materialized – and on the best location possible.

Our personnel are well-trained and will provide full professional service at any time, making our guests feel comfortable and welcome. Our hotel is open for people looking for quality time, away from everyday stress, with plenty of opportunities for either relaxation and wellness, or sporting activities (tennis, cycling, hiking, etc.). The guests are welcome with their families and/or friends, or alone, if that is their preference. The hotel is also a perfect spot to meet with your current or future business partners, and you can always rely on professional assistance and discreetness of our staff.

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